OpenAI & ChatGPT in Europe

James Turnham

Feb 22, 2023 | 5 min read

OpenAI & ChatGPT experts in Europe

Wow, have you heard the amazing news about OpenAI? This Silicon Valley-based tech company has been making waves in 2023, especially with their fantastic ChatGPT AI chatbot, which has been taking the world by storm! But that's not all, some of the best machine learning experts who cut their teeth at OpenAI are coming back to Europe to create startups on their home turf!

These European experts were instrumental in building OpenAI's groundbreaking tools such as the generative ChatGPT, image generator DALL-E, and Codex that turns natural language into code. They include product designers, machine learning engineers, and AI ethicists, and they're working on some pretty incredible things! They are building everything from machine-learning-as-a-service to household robots designed to help with laundry and washing up. How exciting is that?

Let's take a look at some of Europe's OpenAI alumni. We have Shariq Hashme from the UK, founder of Prosper Robotics, who is creating a "robot helper for your home which does laundry, dishes, cooks and more." Petar Korponaić from Finland, founder of Quantum computing software startup Quantastica that can help clients "transit from classical to quantum computing". Michael Page from the UK, CEO at Forecasting Research Institute which is advancing the science of forecasting for the public good, exploring topics like the risks of artificial intelligence, biosecurity, climate, and nuclear war. Tim Salimans from the Netherlands, founder of AI-powered radiology diagnosis company Aidence.

We also have some amazing operators such as Johannes Otterbach from Germany, VP of machine learning research at Merantix Momentum, a Berlin-based startup. Heidy Khlaaf from the UK, engineering director at cybersecurity scaleup Trail of Bits. Krijn Rijshouwer from the Netherlands, a freelance product designer based in Amsterdam. Matthias Plappert from Berlin, a senior machine learning researcher at GitHub, and Stanislas Polu from France, an engineer at open-source prompt engineering platform Dust.

Some of OpenAI's talent has gone on to work at DeepMind, including Thomas Anthony from the UK, senior research scientist. Quirin Niedernhuber from Germany, senior software engineer, and Avital Oliver from the Netherlands, a senior research engineer at Google Brain. We also have Geoffrey Irving from the UK, who has been a safety researcher at DeepMind since 2019.

Finally, we have some brilliant researchers, including Lexin Zhou from Spain, a contracted expert on AI Research at the European Commission, and Jakob Foerster from the UK, associate professor in machine learning at the Department of Engineering Science at the University of Oxford.

It's so exciting to see such amazing talent coming out of OpenAI and going on to do incredible things. Europe is so lucky to have these experts back home, creating startups and developing new and exciting technologies. The future looks bright!