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We can provide you with full stack product development and we can help you to deliver projects in any startup/scaleup phase.

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After more than 50 startups we helped to create, we know what works and what does not. Based on that, we have created a proven methodology that brings the best results.

And we have become Europe's best place for launching edge ideas into successful companies.

Three AIs walked into a bar: Startup Predictions from AIs

Welcome to the new stream of media. Three AIs that we use are using the latest startup industry data & conversations we have with startups around the globe and trying to predict what will fail, succeed or generally what direction we’re heading.




Initial Idea Verification

We work with bright and exceptional individuals to verify their ideas by running extensive market simulations, performing automated idea surveys with experts in the field as well as having face to face workshops with other successful startups founders.

Expected timeframe 2 weeks


Full Startup Pitch Deck with numbers


Business Vision Sprint

Next phase is an extensive business modeling and vision sprint. We assembled a small team of experienced sales, business development & tech professionals to plan the whole startup lifecycle and split it down into smaller actionable plans.

Expected timeframe 3 weeks


Minimum Viable Product (MVP) definition and Product Charter


Initial MVP Build

Based on the previous phase outcome, we move into the initial MVP build. The goal is to have a basic product that can be tested with real potential customers, experts in the field and to validate assumptions from the Product Charter.

Expected timeframe 8 weeks


MVP deployed. Customer test cases defined.


Live validation

Together with the founders we jump straight into the market. Using our extensive network of successful startup founders, corporate executives together with martech sales automation we try to validate as much as possible from the original business assumptions. Also, collecting the feedback from the customer community is of the utmost importance here.

Expected timeframe 4 weeks


Product Charter update. Tech requirements update. Initial business model numbers verification.


Minimum Sellable & Scalable Product (MSSP) Build

Time to focus on implementing all the features, product and business updates collected in the previous phase. Verify the integrity of the product itself and deploy advanced modeling for the future sales roadmap as well as verify the scaling options on the tech side.

Expected timeframe 6 weeks


Updated product and full finance projections. Go To Market (GTM) model created.


Product Launch and/or Fundraising

Based on the founder's requirements and our recommendations, it is time to decide which direction to choose.

  • Is the startup ready for the next fundraising round (does it need it?) or
  • Should we go directly into the product launch phase?

All options are weighted down and then we provide the support in the right direction.

  • Connecting the founders with our friendly follow up VC funds,
  • Running the roadshows,
  • Executing the Go To Market strategy



IndigiLab studio's mission is to support bleeding-edge technology startups that will become a hype in a three to five year timeframe. We can achieve that thanks to our team's unique backgrounds and having spent the last years in this exciting space of digital technologies. Our ability to assess thoroughly the startups enables us to spot their genuine potential.

We just do not work with technology.
We have high tech encoded in our DNA.
And business is our blood.


A new upcoming space that has still a lot of promises to fulfill. Thanks to our recent experience in building some of the most successful metaverses, we're right on the spot to find the next best opportunities in this area to release their potential.

  1. VR/AR communication technologies
  2. Virtual metaverse worlds
  3. Metaverse connection technologies


On its way to become a trillion-dollar industry where breakthroughs are announced every week. Thanks to our hardware and defense industry roots, we can identify promising ideas in the field.

  1. Advanced materials
  2. Near orbit satellites
  3. Communications and ground systems
  4. Space engineering
  5. Space Tech Software


We lecture about cyber security worldwide, we build sophisticated security solutions, and we advise the defense industry and governments in this area. This gives us the edge to help any cybersecurity-related startup.

  1. Critical infrastructure security
  2. Perimeter defense solutions
  3. HW & IoT security systems


Gaming is the biggest growing entertainment industry category. Gamification is the buzzword that has been rocking the startup world for the last decade. And decentralized finance (DeFi) integration with NFT asset creation in games brings a new revolution in the industry. And all of those aspects are in our core DNA, and we helped dozens of startups with them over the past decade.

  1. Play to Earn Games
  2. NFT marketplaces
  3. Cross metaverse asset chains


The underlying technology vertical for next-generation Web 3.0 solutions, GameFi, Metaverse, DeFi and so on.

With many promises but also a lot of complexity to understand and evaluate. Fortunately, we have been at its beginning and have substantial expertise in the field.

  1. Cross-chain solutions
  2. Public blockchain’s
  3. Hybrid blockchain solutions


connected with our expertise in Security and Government. As a result of the new geopolitical realities, one of the most promising industries for the next decade.

  1. Active and Passive measures
  2. Drone delivery systems
  3. Cyber offensive SaaS

High Tech
Mobile Apps

The core competence of most startup studios - the mobile apps - which may be standalone or integrated with other solutions of IndigiLabs or other 3rd parties.

  1. EduTech applications
  2. DeFi control applications including wallets
  3. FinTech applications

MAD tech

A recently founded category of modern advertising and marketing solutions. A combination of ADtech and MARtech applications which we bundle together into a single category and solution.

  1. Worldwide lead generation solutions
  2. Social Media growth hacking solutions
  3. Complex brand discovery or launch

Full Scale

Be it regular shopping for DeFi or gambling company setup including new blockchain usage and connection to physical world through 5G and control IoT devices at the end…..

  1. Or anything else you have in your mind…..
  2. We are crazy enough to do it….
  3. And with great and experienced team able to deliver it as well.



In our core team we mix the knowledge and scale of large organizations with the speed and capacity for learning of startups.



Managing Partner & Founder

Founder of 4 startups, 27 years of experience. Teacher of Cybersecurity and Entrepreneurship at prominent universities. Director at several Fortune 500 companies.



Managing Partner & Founder

Almost 20 years of experience in C-Level positions, enterprise, architecture, business development, growth hacking, entrepreneurship & technology evangelism. Both in Fortune 500 and startup companies worldwide.




Operations & project manager experienced in running, optimizing and scaling startups.




Financial wizard with startup experience connecting fiat world into cryptoeconomics

Tomáš B.

Tomáš B.

Head of Business development

25+ years of experience in IT Business Development.



Head of Product Development

Software developer turned product manager. Leading by experience. Passionate about building user-friendly software.



Head of Growth

Psychologist with IT management experience turned into a growth hacker in the startup world.



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